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Welcome to our property for rent or sale

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our life observation

Welcome to our blog, affordable rentals
and this post, our life observation
Our life observation make us ask first of all, what it the meaning of life? There is no clear answer to this question, but really life is whatever it means to you. But to have a meaningful life we should observe and learn.

My life observations are like my own shadow they follow me wherever I go, sometimes they are helpful, as I could come to the right decision by using them.

Simple man life observations
Welcome to our post of ‘Life observations’.
These are part of my life memories and observations
Dear readers, in this post we are going to talk about our life observation, just to start another side of interest , so,  this article may seem at first sight that it is not well connected with this blog, because we have said that we were mostly going to talk about rental accommodation or properties, but if you stop just for a moment you will be able to see that it also connects with our main aim of building and properties, because whatever we do we have to learn it from our own life and our observation of life.
Therefore, first of all let us just observe what I am doing just now: Well I am writing my own life observations in this article, so, I am going to tell you about part of my life and slowly reach where I am involved in real estate, we will call this first part, simple man life observations; and then, observe and learn from life. Here we have to make to following observation, which is that this hub or article could have been the beginning of our life story; which is the story of my life before I migrated to Australia.
Anyhow, as I said we have to observe and learn, and then when we can try to use our observations to guide us during our life; our observations of life if we remember them well, they would be like our own shadow that follows us everywhere we go and it never fails, so let us all learn from life by observing whatever happens around us. I know that sometimes we might want to forget what has happened to us, because it is painful to recall, but even those painful memories are worth remembering, because they might teach us to avoid them next time. Now let us look at my own life story and observation and perhaps compare them with today’s living.
Looking at the ways that we live today, one could certainly say that living today is not as simple and easy as it used to be, because of the changing ways of living that progress has brought with it, and living one’s own life today is a very complex event that needs to be looked at closely, even if it is just a normal simple life of a simple man like me.
You see, in the old times it was easier, because life usually would follow the same pattern as the generation before us, so everybody would copy the previous generation. But today is different, because things have changed and continue to change, so, we have to change also if we want to succeed in life.
Today when we start thinking about the beginning of our own life no one could ever tell and no one could ever even guess what life would or could be bringing to any of us. Of course the best way for any of us is to plan ahead how we would like to live our own life; and here I mean that we should really make up our own mind about what we want to do with our own life, and then try hard to keep to the chosen plan if we can.
But even if one plans well ahead, there are times during our life when one has got to do whatever is most appropriate at that particular time in order to survive and thrive, and be able to earn our own living. Therefore even if we have made up our own mind, and perhaps we have decided that we wants to study, or we wants to learn a trade, or do something special during our own life, it may not happen just the planed way, because life events may override those decisions, so we may end up doing a different job, or being something else other than what we had planned to do in the beginning. But then because these things happen we learn from life what we need to do and we do them since that is the best way to solve the problem. You see, we need to observe and lean, it is necessary to do that even if it is done just to survive those times that we happen to live in.
Now just to link this sort of thinking that we are talking about in this post, we could say that in life we learn everything from observing, and the trying to copy what we have seen, for this reason we may end up learning about real estate, or we may become a tradesman able to build our own houses and many other things. I hope that now you would be able to see the link that links this reasoning with building and rentals.
Observe and learn from life
We should observe life events and learn from them
We have to learn to accept life just the way it comes, because sometimes this is the only thing that we would be able to do, without upsetting ourselves too much; I am saying this because, during my life I have had a few of those experiences that are not the best; but I could do nothing about it to change the outcome, so I had to accept them and continue to live the best way I could.
Today, I am looking back at my life that I have already lived, and I am thinking that I have already lived the most important part of my life. You see, I happen to be in my sixties while I am writing this page here for the first time; so, I can look back at my life and wonder at the great changes of lifestyles that we have been living in this new present era including my own life. While I am looking at these changes I also wonder at the events that have changed our lifestyle, and also of how it all has been happening and still keeps happening and changing even now while I am writing here this article.
Therefore, right at this very moment I am wondering why I am writing this at all, because writing articles is new to me and so it is still another one of my lifestyle changes, which has been brought about from those changing life events, You see when I was young I could never have guessed that one day I could be writing something and be able to publish it in something called the Internet, and I would be writing in a language that was and is not my native tongue.
All this has happened to me, because there have been lots of changes since I was born, there were life events that have changed my lifestyle during my life, and so they have forced me to change and to adjust with them as required; and it was one of these changes during one stage of my life, when I felt the need to start writing, so that I could fulfil one of my emotional personal needs. And in doing so I have written a few things, which I would very much like to preserve at least for the time being, although sometimes I wonder whether my personal written articles are really worth to be saved.
But here I am talking about my own personal writings, and even if they are worth nothing to the rest of the world, they are my personal writings and my experience of life, and therefore I would like to keep them forever while I am still alive, and perhaps even after I am dead, if they could make sense to anybody, so that, if one day somebody happens to read my personal writings they will be able to understand them. So, now I will try to write them down in a way that people will understand them. So here are my life events and changes, according to the observations of my own life, as it evolved starting from when I was a child, so let me talk about my childhood now and the problems that I went through when I was very young.
We believe that we have said enough in this rather long post see you in our next post, where we are going to talk about my childhood and its problems.   

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